A21 Freedom Report - 2019

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2019 was a year of victory after victory. All because people everywhere stepped up to play their part. Educators, border agencies, law enforcement, business owners, parents, students, judges, prosecutors, medical staff, and supporters like you. Today, we thank you for every single effort, every step taken, every donation, and every partnership—it all matters for the lives who are now experiencing freedom because of it.

Survivors who've come into A21 care these last 12 years have reached the thousands. Record-breaking amounts of victims identified, court victories, and new survivors in our care were made possible. Billboards across entire states, walks taking place in 500 locations, and digital media screens all carried the message of awareness and prevention to millions. This is just a glimpse of your impact in 2019.
A21 Freedom 2019 report is now available for download here, a testament to these victories, and the reason why we look ahead to 2020 with hope and expectation that freedom will continue to have the final word.

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