Father's Day

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A father is a pillar of strength, support and discipline for their children. For some, the greatest gift a father gave them is to know they are believed in, to know they have someone to hold their hand when they fall and is able to say I Love You no matter what.

However, for others, for many reasons didn’t have that great experience. you have been hurt, betrayed, discouraged, abandoned by the one you called “father”.

On their behalf we would like to say “we are sorry. We are sorry that we have cost you so much hurt and left such a big scar in you. We are truly sorry, please forgive us.”

On their behalf we would like to tell you “You are loved and you matter! You exist for a greater purpose. A purpose that will not only impact you and your close family, but a purpose that will impact this generation and many generations to come.”

To those that have gone through the fatherless pain, the greatest gift they have given you is “the gift of RESILIENT, the gift of EMPATHY”

On behalf of all the children we wish all kinds of fathers, “Happy Father’s Day! We LOVE you and we HONOUR you. We are sorry if we have hurt you in our words and actions. Please forgive us.”

For those fathers that stepped in the gap to be the father of the fatherless.... we are better because of you. THANK YOU.

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