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Thinking of my Dad this Father's Day. 

What will Dad do if he is alive today? 

Dad always starts his day by soaking himself and studying the Word of God. He will kneel before the Lord, give thanks for His love and faithfulness, and seek strength for the day. In fact, Dad has a special place at home where he affectionately calls it "His Upper Room". This is a sacred space where he will draw himself away from the busyness of life to spend time with his Saviour, quietly and intimately. Dad also has a heart for the sick. He never fails to lay hands on people that need healing and declare health in the name of his Lord. 
I recall memories during my university days where Dad will offer prayers for wisdom and protection whenever I faced challenges and difficulties over my course of studies. He will always remember to send us back with thoughtful prayers and blessings only a Dad can pray.   

Today, Daddy is no longer with us on earth, but his legacy still lives in us.
Legacy of FAITH and HOPE. 

In the same way, I find myself asking the question as a parent now. "What do I want to be remembered for? What would my legacy look like?". I guess the answer will be the same, I want a legacy of "FAITH and HOPE". 

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. 
Oh, how we miss you so much!  

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