Divine Company

We live by connection, beauty, wellness and authenticity.

The Divine Company is a premium Australian beauty, skin, baby and personal care collection.

What we do is who we are and we choose to lead by example. Our differentiating quality is that of being Certified Organic.

Our world has watched as ‘Organic’ has taken on a life of its own. Often misrepresented, our mission is to recreate and re-establish the potency of what it truly means to be Certified Organic and how to live an authentic life with the elements.

When something is classified as “organic” it can still contain all of the chemicals mentioned above and the ingredients are left un-regulated.

A product that is “Certified Organic” has to abide by strict regulations and guidelines, as well as determining not only every single ingredient used in the product but also the procedures taken to produce one single product and the packaging that is used. There are strict guidelines that covers every area of delivering an approved Certified Organic product to the market.

For any further enquiries about Certified Organic Products head over to the ACO website.

All of The Divine Company’s products are Certified Organic, and are certified by the ACO.

We believe in quality first, always, celebrating wellness and authenticity as rightful art forms. We are committed and passionate about offering beautiful skin care to enrich a beautiful life.

When we work with nature, not against it, we fall into a rhythmic cycle of ease and abundance. We take this approach to all that we do and know that the secret to an enriching and beautiful life is to work as closely as possible with our natural environment. Eliminating compromised ingredients from our lives supports the future of our bodies, our farmers, our earth, and provides hope for humanity – both current and future.

We believe that organic is beautiful in its innate intelligence, its simplicity. We have channeled this into beautiful certified organic skin care to evoke this grace and beauty in you.

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