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Kaddo was established in 2009, specialising in prestigious hardcover wedding invitations. It is our “Kado” (gift) to our clients by creating an invitation that speaks from the heart and truly WOW's not only the client but indeed the guests receiving the invitation!!! Breath taking for its beauty and elegance, it captures a snap shot in time of the most magical day of any event. The message automatically transfers as a “Kado” (gift) of appreciation, thank you from our clients to their guests to be part of their life to celebrate their important and significant day.
Our inspiration for the business name "Kaddo" comes from the Indonesian word “Kado” which means gift or present in Indonesian. Due to popular demand after 3 successful years in the wedding industry, Kaddo also launched their baby Kaddo in 2012.
Again, with the same vision we create a great quality of invitations to celebrate another important day in the family. To welcome the blessing of new baby (some cases babies) into their life, to celebrate yet another milestone of life.
The blessing of a new season of family life and commitment has meant that the business has evolved in a new opportunity of products, slightly different yet similar in that it continues the “GIFTS” range.
We are excited and encouraged about the potential of expanding our product range in the future. As always we believe our BEST IS AHEAD OF US.
Everybody loves gifts. There is great joy in giving and receiving gifts, and we understand that the excitement equally lies in receiving a beautifully presented gift. We therefore take great pride in the packaging and presentation of all our gifts and guarantee excellence.
The intention behind gift giving is the exchange of beautiful energy which is the expression of love and joy towards the other person. We trust that this indeed is what happens when you gift and receive a Kaddo gift.

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