The heartbreaking reality of human trafficking fuelled our passion to create KADDO. Witnessing a documentary that exposed the exploitation of vulnerable people, our hearts ached for victims like the child we learned about - a mere 18 months old, sold and forced to beg since birth. Many women and girls are forced to perform commercial sex acts.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world. It generates an estimated  USD 326 billion per year* and there are estimated 49.6 million people enslaved right now.**
This injustice ignited a fire within us to make a difference.

A21 is a leading force in the global fight against human trafficking. They exist to abolish slavery everywhere, focusing on educational awareness and prevention, survivor protection, trafficker prosecution and fostering partnerships. We are committed to supporting A21’s fight against human trafficking by donating 10% of our Kaddo/A21 candle sales. For every Kaddo/A21 candle purchase make a difference!

For more information about A21, please visit www.a21.org
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